Zombie Soldier
Survival 2015-02-03 18-32-26
Type Millitary
Attack Sword Slashes
Locations Millitary bases, wilderness
Threat medium
Loot Millitary Uniform, Katana (Sword), Guns, Infected Tissue, Crystal

Basic Information Edit

Once a proud Soldier to the Imperial Army, the Zombie Soldier is a relentless zombie that charges at the player with its deadly Sword. They are lethal in groups, as they can easily deplete an unprepared player's health to 0.

Tactics Edit

- If able, avoid them at all costs until you have a better weapon.

- To the Under-Equipped player, they can easily shred their Health down, so again, avoid at all costs.

- Due to their jagged movement, it is hard to land a proper shot with ranged weapons, wait until they are charging in a straight line before unloading on them.

Loot Edit

- Millitary Uniform

- basic Firearms

- The Katana

- Infected Tissue

- Crystal

Trivia Edit

These zombies were once members of the Japanese Imperial Army.

Because of their advanced movement (Bipedal Running and welding a weapon) compared to other zombies, it is safe to assume that they could still be partially human. This is supported by one of the Journal entries that states that they have "Turned Mad", however the writer of said journal could have assumed that they weren't "Zombies".