Zombie Peasant
Survival 2015-02-03 12-15-53
Type Civilian
Attack Bashing w/ Hands
Locations Villages, Millitary Bases, Wilderness
Threat low
Loot Assorted Tools, Infected Tissue, Crystal

Basic Information Edit

The first zombie you will likely encounter, the Zombie Peasant is the lowest and most basic zombies encountered on the islands. They are easily taken down with ranged weapons, however some caution is advised when fighting in melee range, as their hand attacks can cause a fair amount of damage.

They are usually seen in groups around 3-4, and are sometimes accompanied with a more powerful zombie.

Tactics Edit

- A basic bow can easily and safely hit them from range.

- Guns can kill them relatively quickly and efficiently

Loot Edit

> Industrial tier tools (Axe Pickaxe)

> Fibers

> Crystals

> Infected Tissue

Trivia Edit

It is stated that peasants were brought to the island to help feed the various Military Personnel that were there, however after the "Test", they became mindless zombies.

They appear to be gravely malnourished.