Transit locations are points on the map which, once visited, can be "fast travelled" to by viewing the whole Island map and tapping on them as though you were setting a waypoint there. This instantly teleports you to your destination, without the passage of time in any way (eg. the sun doesn't set any further during twilight, and illnesses/infirmities won't get any worse). The transit locations themselves consist of a hut (usually with a fence around it) which contains a bed and a chest with a small amount of random loot in it. There is also a device a few metres away from the hut which seems to resemble a map of the island with what could be the locations of the tesla towers on it. This device is presumably what allows the instant travel across kilometres, though how it works is unknown, and how this technology was possessed by World War 2 era Japanese is even more of a mystery.

Transit hut

Clicking on the hut icon will teleport you to it. Works only out of combat.