All suggestions have been sent to Atypical Games for development. Thank You for your ideas. :). Some changes may be seen in future updates.


add more of a trapped fealing! Hey you user say your on a roof (idk if they have that yet if no ADD IT) you fire a gun and all the zombies come running at you, but not just at you, straight to you!!! You see to make a good zombie game I mean better one 🙃 You need to add fealing like what I'm suggesting a trapped fealing. So all the zombies come running at you, you can easily take them all out since they just come to you one by one BUT if you att it that they like smash on the building and don't leave for let's say 2 hours (kinda like a walking dead zombie) you get a trapped fealing, now you make the game harder more intense more oh crud! I know you are not the best developers in the world, but what I have seen so far in this game, you can do anything! All you need to is make a new animation! I may not play games like yours for an hour but I bet it will do amazing! And this new feature will add more stealth because sneaking out! It will make you use guns less because of fear of getting stuck/trapped. You can also make the zombies be able (in big groups or stronger zombies) break down wooden doors. And maybe you can add boarding up doors/windows because zombies could break them down and get in and kill you! I know this is a lot but I'm having a total brain wow! These new features will add fear,im trapped vibe, please take these into mind and make an even better game! YOU CAN DO IT! You've made a awsome game so far I don't doubt you on this! Sincerely - adudethathelpedindevelepment