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Airport base

Airport Tesla/Base

The airport base is located at the north-most point (bottom of the map) of the first (southern) island. It contains the last Tesla Tower you need to lower on this island.

• The base is very large - far larger than any other facility on the island. It contains large amounts of loot but also extremely large amounts enemies.

• The base is highly contaminated, and one will start to suffer from radiation poisoning even when wearing protective gear.

Island BaseEdit

Island Base

Island Base

• The island base contains the first Tesla tower you need to lower on the first island. It's lightly guarded by a few undead soldiers and scientists.

• Not that dangerous if you have the right weapons and armor. Make sure you bring enough ammunition as there are several enemies you'll encounter on the way.

• On the first island in the small island surrounded by rivers.

Teleportation Anomaly

Teleportation Anomaly 1st Island

Teleportation Anomaly 1st Island

• Located in the middle of a ring of rocks.

• Teleports the player to the highest mountain peak on the island where a hang glider spawns.

• Crystal converter located just outside of the near-by safe house.

• Relatively peaceful, besides two peasant zombies that spawns near the safe house.

Second Tesla Edit

2nd Tesla

Second Tesla

• Has a few soldier , crawlers, scientists, and pleasant zombies.

• Dangerous and hostile - be careful!

• Crystal converter, chests, and a bunker

Third Tesla Edit

• No zombies, no radiation

3rd Tesla

Third Tesla

• Near a transit location

• Safe except for a few lions near it

• A cool place to live!

Sleeping View

Dream View

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