Mysterious Shrine is a location on the second island. It contains a healing anomaly within


a ring of stone pillars. It is on the beach and appears to be a massive stone pile from the outside. It is completely closed off except on the side in the water. Its enterance location is slightly dangerous, as it is often "guarded" by many crocodiles. Even if you are wounded, one you get inside to the healing anomaly, all negative status effects will be removed. If you do not have a gun, it is still possible to enter without killing the crocodiles. Ignore them, but be sure not to get hit by a crocadile too soon. Go into the water and get through the enterance as fast as possible. Once inside, you can kill the crocadiles from the saftey of the healing anomaly. An even more important feature of the shrine is its very large supply of crystals. In one corner of the shrine, there is what appears to be a single crystal. Actually, it is a indefinite source of crystals.* Be careful because more crocadiles may appear and attack you from the back while gathering crystals.


*This may have a limit, but my inventory filled before I could reach it