The Machine Gun has a faster firing rate than the rifle, old pistol, and revolver (pistol). Technically speaking, It is the most powerful weapon in radiation island. As the rifle carries more damage per round and more accuracy, the machine gun sacrifices accuracy and damage for rate of fire and a larger magazine. Unlike the old rifle, the machine gun does not zoom before or during fire, so one must aim manually before firing. It is also a good idea when in normal mode (not exploration or survival), to unequip this weapon near death. This is because only the hold-out item is lost in normal mode and the rarity of the machine gun can make the game increasingly difficult, especially when loosing it on the second, third, or central island, where it is difficult to move between locations without having a strong weapon.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being branded as a "machine gun", the Machine gun does in fact resemble a Sub Machine gun.
  • It is based off of the modified version of the MP 18, the SIG Model 1920 "Brevet Bergmann" Submachine gun, which was manufactured by the SIG factory in Switzerland and sold to countless forces including the Imperial Japanese where it was employed through events prior to the in game experiences.
  • Even though the weapon appears to be a sub machine gun the ammunition is depicted of a higher calibre then functionally possible (the magazine is far to narrow and the receiver could never successfully project rifle calibre cartridges without failure).

Pros and Cons Edit


- High rate of fire

- Great for mowing down hordes of zombies

- Takes down giant zombies the fastest (1 1/2 - 2 magazines should do the trick)


- Ammo is expensive to craft (you're better off getting it from Small Zombies)

- You cannot reload until the entire magazine is emptied

- Rarer than rifles (make sure you don't lose it!)