There are many items in Radiation island some can not be crafted and can only be found, though there are some items like canoes and hang gliders that can be crafted but can still be found in the world.

Bed-This item allows you to pass the night hours and awaken to a new wonderful day, or a living nightmare at day as there may be zombies nearby and aggressive animals.

Backpack-This item increases your inventory and can be upgraded with leather.

Hang glider-This item allows you to travel at moderate speed over long distances but it is hard to land and dangerous as you can fall into a horde of zombies/aggressive animals.

Campfire-This item keeps you warm and cozy and wards off animals it also illuminates the dark.

Torch-This item is a weapon though it is horrible so it is more an item.It illuminates the darkness and can be held in your hand.

Furnace-This item is used to smelt resources into other materials.

Wolf trap-This item is used to trap wolves.

Rabbit trap-This item is used to trap Rabbits.

Canoe-This item allows you to travel water quick and safely.

Chest-This item allows you to store other items when placed.

Medicine-Heal you and helps afflictions.