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Old Gun
Pirate Pistol (Harper Ferry)
Pros Common, Plentiful ammo, high damage.
Cons Long reload time.
Overall Better guns out there but an ideal early to mid game weapon.
Old Rifle
Old Rifle (Mauser K98)
Pros High damage, Uncommon, and effective for hunting, No magazine (All ammo available is automatically in the firearm).
Cons Gets through ammo quickly, takes time to reload.
Overall Good mid game weapon but is less useful against crowds.
Machine Gun

Sub-Machine Gun (mp 18)

Pros Fast firerate, fast reload, Ammo crafted in large amounts.
Cons Uses ammo quickly.
Overall Use this weapon for fast enemies and when there is a lot of enemies in the area. In other cimcurstances use other weapon. (Old Rifle is a good choice)
Revolver (Type 26/Nagant hybrid)
Pros Very common, quick firing rate, quick reload.
Cons Expensive ammunition, low power.
Overall To be used as a sidearm until ammunition for better arms is available.

Ammunition Edit

Different guns will take different ammunition

-Musketball (Old pistol)

Quick to make, needs no lead.


-7.62x25 Tokarev (Revolver)

Quick to make, plentiful, expensive.


-8mm Mauser (Rifle)

Ammunition for rifle.


-9x19 Parabellum (Machine-Gun)

Made in large amounts.