Note: The new update added custom made walls, floors, roofs etc. This is a guide on making a home/camp using those components.

Overview Edit

The creating a custom base will take a large amount of planning and materials. To create a good base, you will need to know where you want it to be. You will also need to know the purpose of your base, will it be a small shack in the woods in case you can't teleport back, or will it be a large supply house, maybe it's near a large amount of resources, or maybe the scenery is beautiful and you want to live there, either way, knowing your base's purpose will allow you to plan where you will place your base. It will also allow you to know how large it is, and what materials to use.

Location Edit

A good base will be somewhere safe, and, depending on the dangers in the area, easily( or not so easily), accessible. Think about your location, weight the pro's and con's before you place anything. Here is a list of possible locations.

Mountains: Edit

Pro's: Hard for zombies to reach, usually secluded, high vantage point, great view, rocks should be common.

Con's: Hard for you to reach, scarcity of trees, it's easy to break your leg, uneven terrain.

Two mountain huts-One is wood, the other is metal.