Rabbit Edit

-Can drop: Raw Meat

-Attracted to beans

-eats when approached or disturbed

-Can be killed with one shot from pretty much anything

-Attacks when he has no beans

Survival 2015-02-03 18-40-29

Scared rabbit.

Wolves Edit

-Can drop: fang, leather

-Attracted to wolf (raw meat) traps



Crocodiles Edit

-Can drop: croc skin, croc spine, fang1


Sleepy croc.

Tigers Edit

-Can drop: leather, fang, claw

Survival 2015-02-03 18-43-38

Tigers on the prowl.

Survival 2015-02-03 18-43-16

Attacking tiger.

Normal Bear Edit

-Can drop: fur, claw, bear skull, fat


Wandering normal bear.

Giant Bear Edit

-Inflicts more damage and has more health than normal bear. Can drop: fur, claw, bear skull, fat.

Survival 2015-02-03 18-26-15

Giant bear. Sooo cute ... right?

Irradiated Bear Edit

-Will sometimes spit acid in your face; does less damage than other bears. Can drop: fur, claw, skull, fat.

Survival 2015-02-03 19-02-02

Irradiated bear.

Irradiated Wolf Edit

is a meanie

Survival 2015-02-03 19-02-55

Irradiated wolf.

Survival 2015-02-03 19-04-50

Irradiated wolf acid attack.

Sheep Edit

-Can drop: wool, fat, meat


Sheep. Baaa ... Baaa ... Can anyone say "lambchops"?

Zombies Edit

Peasant Zombie Edit

Survival 2015-02-03 12-15-53

Peasant zombie.

Shuffling Zombie - They're just normal peasant zombies except they shuffle towards you once they notice your presence. Edit

Greenshot image editor - Survival 2015-02-03 19-00-33.png 2015-02-03 19-00-53

Shuffling Zombie.

Small Zombie - Slow, low damage. Can drop: crystals, random mining tools, fiber, infected tissue. Tons of machine gun ammo and bandages. Edit

Small zombie

Small zombie.

Katana Soldier Zombie - Super Fast, Light or medium damage. drops anything it’s wearing or it’s katana Edit

Survival 2015-02-03 18-32-26

Zombie soldier attacking.

Survival 2015-02-03 18-33-05

A group of Group of Zombie soldiers doing a Banzai charge. TENOHAIKU BANZA!!!

Elite Zombie Soldier - Has more health and deals increased damage, does better Banzai charge like a samurai. Can drop: crystals, random weapons, soldier uniform clothing, infected tissue, sword. Edit

Survival 2015-02-03 18-38-07

Elite Zombie Soldier Ready to protect his empire

Survival 2015-02-03 18-38-21

Angry Elite Zombie Soldier. You just awakened the shogun.

Scientist Zombie (Melee) - Scientist zombies are usually found near Tesla towers and army sites.Can drop: infected tissue, med kit, radiation pills, radiation suit, medicine. Edit

Radiation zombie

Scientist Zombie melee attacker.

Rad zombie 2

Scientist Zombie melee. Trying to give your daily meds

Scientist Zombie (Ranged) - Has a ranged acid attack. Can drop: infected tissue, med kit, radiation pills, radiation suit, medicine.


Survival 2015-02-03 18-53-29

Ranged attacking Scientist Zombie.

Survival 2015-02-03 18-53-55

Ranged Scientist Zombie firing acid.

Survival 2015-02-03 18-53-16

Ranged Scientist Zombie shooting at player.

Elite Scientist Zombie - Has more health and deals more damage than the others. Can drop: infected tissue, med kit, radiation pills, radiation suit, medicine. A nasty piece of work. Edit

Survival 2015-02-03 18-30-43

Elite Scientist Zombie.

Zomzilla Zombie- slow, big, takes a lot of ammo to kill... heavy damage ( 2 hits with millitary armor to die) low drops *AVOID* Edit

Giant zombi 1

Giant Zombie. Attack on Titian, Sie sind das Essen und Wir sind die Jaeger! HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH



Giant Scientist (aka Zombiezilla Scientist) - Much harder to kill than standard Scientist. Can drop: crystals, simple mining tools, pirate pistol, infected tissue, fiber. Edit

Zomzilla rad

Giant Scientist on the roam. It blinded me with science ...

Crawler (aka Patient Zombie) Fast ( not as fast as katana soldier) low dmg Edit

Patient zombie

Crawler attacking.

  1. Elite Crawler (aka Elite Patient Zombie) upgraded crawler
Survival 2015-02-03 18-58-43

Elite Crawler attacking.

Burning Zombie - Relatively slow, easy to spot in the dark. Attacks other zombies. Can drop: lead, titanium, charcoal, machine gun ammo and revolver ammo. Edit

Burning zombie 1

Attacking Burning Zombie.

Survival 2015-02-03 15-24-41

Burning Zombie too close for comfort.

Survival 2015-02-03 17-07-57

Burning Zombie near ruins.

Charred Zombie - Slow, lurching movement. Can drop: crystals, simple mining tools, pirate pistol, infected tissue, fiber. Edit

Charred zombie

Group of Charred Zombies attacking.

Survival 2015-02-03 18-22-15

Charred Zombies. Is this guy dancing?

Survival 2015-02-03 18-20-55

Charred Zombie roaming the ruins.

Shadow Zombie- Appears rarely... hides... Seen lurking near other zombie hordes... Insanely rare... No known drops... Ever seen a charred zombie in the distance, but when you got closer, it was gone? This was probably your suspect. ( Removed in some versions)

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