There are several type of anomalies that one can and will encounter.

Some will chase you, while others will infect you and some will just do damage to your armor and health.

1. Electric Anomaly Edit

Has both static and moving versions. On contact it will destroy your clothes, armor and will slowly drain your life. It can also follow you for a while.

Electric anomaly 2

Electric Anomaly.

Electric anomaly

Electric Anomaly at dawn.


2. Fire Anomaly Edit

Has both static and moving versions. On contact it will burn the your health away and also sometimes follow you for a while.

Fire anomaly

Fire Anomaly.

3. Water Anomaly Edit

If you get close to it, these will pull you in and suck the air out of your lungs, thus slowly away at your health.

Survival 2015-02-03 12-22-26

Water Anomaly.

4. Black Drops Anomaly Edit

These are static (won't chase you) and on contact will infect you with a neurological disease, which will slowly tick away at your health. Damage increases as the disease bar fills up, once it is full, it will start dealing more damage.

Blackdrops anomaly

Black Drops Anomaly and the disease it gives.

5. Healing Anomaly Edit

These will slowly restore you health. In critical situations (ex: with bleeding debuff etc) it can save your life or prolong it.

Healing anomaly

Healing Anomaly at a mysterious shrine.


6. Dark Mirror Anomaly Edit

Will move around randomly and if you get too close, it will try to pull you in and keep you trapped, applying a high damage over time debuff that can kill you pretty fast.

Blackmirror anomaly

Dark Mirror Anomaly, with a zombie that it pulled in.

Survival 2015-02-03 16-54-43.png - Windows Photo Viewer 2015-02-03 17-01-15

In the middle of the Dark Mirror Anomaly.

7. Teleportation Anomaly Edit

On contact it will teleport the player to an unknown place. Some Teleportation Anomalies can also give you radiation sickness, though they are known to be few and far between. One easy one to find is on the beach near the transit point, if you follow the coast left on the bottom island, it sometimes spawns in the stone ring.

Survival 2015-02-03 17-11-13

Teleportation Anomaly on a Shipwreck Beach.

Survival 2015-02-03 17-10-26

Teleportation Anomaly as the player prepares to enter it.

8. Trapping Mist Anomaly Edit

If you get too close, you will get pulled into it. Once it has you pulled in, it will start eating away at your health. Don't get too close to these. These can be found on one of the the top islands where a tower with teleportation ones is guarded bythesee.

Blackink anomaly

Trapping Mist Anomaly on the beach.

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