In Radiation Island armor (including radiation suits) is vital. This is guide to tell you the pros and cons of each.

Wool Edit

Woollen clothing may be crafted with wool obtained when killing sheep.It provides low protection and it is recommend to be used at high altitudes.It keeps the player the warmest out of all the armour.Wool clothing can also be found in chests.


Wool armor

Wool Armor set in inventory.

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Pros: Easy to get, basic protection, keeps you warm and has basic durability. Can be found in chests.

Cons: No match for a bear or a lion. The leather used can be used to upgrade your backpack.

Overall: Is one of the best armors for early to mid-game. Once you start hunting wolves it is a piece of cake to get.

Leather char

Player in full Leather Armor.


Leather Armor set in inventory.



Strong Edit

Pros: Has top protection, can be found in chests, has lots of durability and is easy to craft once you have a gun.

Cons: Will not keep you warm, hard to get mid game and is hard to get all the crocodile and bear skin.

Overall: Best armor but hard to craft. It has no protection against cold but has brilliant protection from attacks.

Strong char

Player in full Strong Armor.


Strong Armor set in inventory.



Military Edit

It provides medium protection and is found in military bases or rarely dropped by zombies.The hat can be found as a helmet or as a cloth hat and the helmet provides more protection.To be used in radiated areas and provides protection against the cold.It can not be crafted.

Player in full Military Armor.

Uniform set

Military Armor set in inventory.



Radiation Suit Edit

The radiation suit.Considerd to be one of the most important items in the game.The suit provides no protection but is essential to survival against radiation.Many suits can be found in the chests located on the beach.It may be dropped by some zombies and costs 100 crystals to create at the machine at some tesla towers. Edit

Rad char

Player in full Radiation Suit.


Radiation Suit in inventory.